Fall Wreaths: DIY in 30 minutes!


If you’re looking for a unique DIY fall wreath project here is one that takes thirty minutes.

The materials you will need from your local craft store are:

20” to 24″ wreath wire frame

12 silk hydrangeas

Burlap ribbon

Wooden letter

Pipe cleaner

Twine, yarn or ribbon – 6 inches


Hot glue gun

The wreath size will be approximately 5” in depth depending on your flowers and bow sizing.  The depth size is important if you have a glass door in addition to your front door.  You’ll want to measure the depth between the doors to ensure your wreath doesn’t end up getting smooshed every time you close the door.


Start with your 20″ to 24″ wire wreath frame.


Place the 12 silk hydrangeas in the wire around the frame.


You might end up having to cut the stems on the hydrangeas to a smaller size.  You can either twist the stems or use a wire cutter to trim.  Place each stem through the wire frame and use a pipe cleaner to secure the floral to the frame.


Cut your burlap ribbon to approximately 3′.


Next, tie a bow:-)


Turn over the wooden letter and staple the top.  Slide a 6″ ribbon or pipe cleaner through the staple.  Turn the letter over and tie the ribbon to the center knot of the bow.


To prevent the ends of your ribbon from unraveling you will need to glue the ends (flip over the edge and secure to the back side so the glue will not show).

Use a pipe cleaner to attach the bow to your wreath.


Voila, you’ve added some fall pizazz to your front door.  X, Shannon